Religious Education

Statement of Intent

Our approach to RE teaching is an expression of our Christian vision - learning and growing together.

Through religious education we aim to:

  • help pupils develop an open, sensitive and reflective approach to understanding humankind’s varied religious practices, values, beliefs and lifestyles;
  • help pupils relate these to their own experiences and to questions of everyday life;.
  • enable children to understand the nature of religious beliefs and practices and the importance and influence of these in the lives of the believer;
  • allow time for reflection on and response to the children’s own beliefs & practices.



Our long term plan follows the North Yorkshire Syllabus to introduce the children to the key beliefs and practices of Christianity and selected world faiths – dependent on Key Stage – drawing on a wide range of resources in school, within our local community and beyond. Teachers identify the key knowledge and skills of each topic and consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics and across year groups.

Our Religious Education will offer opportunities to consider and address multi-cultural & equal opportunities issues.












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