World Book Day, LempenAt Fountains Earth and St Cuthbert’s, we aim to teach our pupils to read fluently so that they can access the printed word in a wide range of genres.

Most importantly, we develop a love of reading and literature.




Children have a phonics lesson daily using a systematic approach. Both schools follow the progression of phases detailed below.

The fun, multi-sensory ‘Jolly Phonic’ (hyperlink to URL below) approach is used and our children very quickly learn to recognise sounds and blend them together to begin their reading journey.

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Tricky words

As part of this progression, children also learn to read ‘tricky words’. These are words that are not phonically decodable (for example the, was) and need to be remembered and recalled.

Reading scheme

We use the ‘Phonic Bug’ reading scheme as our core scheme.

This supports the children’s phonetic reading development and children progress though the scheme systematically accessing both fiction and non-fiction texts.


All children take their reading books home and are encouraged to practise daily.

We have a wide range of additional texts to supplement the core scheme giving children a choice at their phonic level once the core scheme is completed.

We also use intervention schemes for children who need additional support to learn to read.

We love to read!

Each class studies a wide range of age appropriate class texts throughout the year.

The children become immersed in the class text using drama, writing, retelling, artwork, character, plot and setting studies.

They learn about other books that each author has written and develop reading preferences as their reading repertoire grows. Often class texts link to the theme or topic for that half term.



Reading plus

During KS2 children are introduced to reading plus. This is an online reading system that children can access both at home and at school with a wide range of texts on offer. Books are specifically matched to pupils reading speed, level of understanding and vocabulary understanding. The programme works to support individual pupil’s needs whilst also continuing to foster interest in reading and build on knowledge. 




Audio books and ebooks make a nice change sometimes. These sites have lots of free audio and ebooks for you to enjoy with your child.



National Literacy Trust


The National Literacy Trust website is full of great advice on reading, lots of literacy activities and free book giveaways and it goes from birth to 11.


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