Providing constant opportunities for exploring number and solving problems.

“Look I can make twelve in lots of different ways!”

Creating opportunities for sharing learning with all the family, through Inspire Workshops.


There is always an opportunity for counting and recognising numerals.


Continuous provision enables creativity, exploring and using a variety of materials to represent our own thoughts and ideas through art.


Continuous provision sparks imagination, introducing a storyline or narrative into their play and playing cooperatively as part of a group to develop and act it out.  Exploring and using a variety of materials to represent our own thoughts and ideas through role


There is always an opportunity and a cosy corner to share a book with friends or listen to a story.

Purposeful provocations to write….if you want to make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday you just have to make a list of ingredients!


Opportunities for playing with what they know and acting out real life experiences in a safe environment through role play develop risk taking and problem solving skills.


Opportunity for some quiet time, for reflection, to step back and have a think, an important part of our personal, social, emotional and spiritual development.

Opportunities for operating simple equipment and using ICT to interact with age-appropriate software are freely available.


Opportunities to experiment with music and ways of changing it are essential to inspire our future musicians and dancers.

There is a great big world out there and we capture as much of that awe and wonder through providing first hand experiences to enrich our understanding of the world, of similarities differences and change.





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