Zoom Meetings

Your class teacher will shortly be arranging to for your child to attend a Zoom meeting with their class. Zoom meetings are designed as an opportunity for class members to see each other as well as their teacher. The session times have been set so that families where children are sharing a device do not overlap with each other (I hope). The children will need pencil and paper with them for the sessions.


Zoom is available as an App to download or https://zoom.us/ .In order to take part in the meeting, your child will need to be able to access a device with audio and a camera e.g. a laptop, a computer with webcam, a tablet or a phone. It doesn’t matter which they use but in order to see everyone’s faces, please be aware that on the computer or laptop you can see up to 100 people, the tablet 8 people at a time and a phone 4 people.  On a phone or tablet therefore you will need to keep swiping across the screen to see others.


A meeting ID and password will be emailed separately on the morning of the meeting, this must not be shared with anyone in any way.


Safeguarding requirements

 In order to meet safeguarding requirements there is some guidance that we will be following to keep everyone safe

  • There will be two members of staff present during the zoom meeting.
  • Your children will be admitted to a waiting room and then the teacher will bring them into the meeting one by one.
  • Your child’s first name needs to be visible as the sign in name rather than an adult from your house – this can be entered easily when you sign in using the meeting ID and password that will be sent. If we do not recognise the child’s name from the class we will not be able to allow them into the video chat.
  • The meeting will be muted until the teacher is ready and they will explain to the children how the meeting is going to work. The teacher will retain control of the mute button so the children do not need to mute and unmute themselves.
  • Please make sure that your child and any adults who might wander into shot are dressed appropriately. 
  • Screen shots should not be taken of the meeting.
  • If there are adults in the same room all language used must be appropriate.
  • Teachers will record the meetings for safeguarding purposes but these will not be shared and will be deleted within 4 weeks. 
  • The lessons are aimed at the children in the class – they are not for adults to talk with the teacher or other children therefore we would not expect adults to be part of the meeting unless it was to help sort out technology. 


As far as possible we hope that whilst the meeting is taking place home schooling parents will get a well-deserved break! If your child is in school at the time of the lesson they will either join from their classroom or will be covering the work elsewhere during the day. 



Mr Strzeszewski