Lockdown News

Dear families


We have all been so impressed with the work that children have been completing and sending in from home and with the active engagement from families so a huge thank you to all of you.  I really do hope though that 'online learning' has not stopped you all from getting out in the snow and enjoying it whilst it is here! Too good to miss. Thanks for the snowman photographs (the good, the bad and the VERY ugly – thank you Mrs Goodall!), the sledging clips and the winter walk photos.


Our zoom sessions this week have also been a great success. Hopefully the children enjoyed them as much as the staff have – an opportunity to come together as a class community and to see each other. Human connection is so important. Seeing one of our Yea 2 children counting back in 5's and 10's made my day today. So lovely.


We will be sending out school specific newsletters next week to share some of the learning that is taking place both in school and at home. There is a lot to celebrate including our collective efforts to, once again, get through this with positivity, support for each other and collective understanding. This week I was sent a very thought provoking piece written for leaders from the Diocese. I wanted to share it with you as there is a lot to learn from this about being kind to ourselves and allowing ourselves to 'just be'.


 'Eddie Askew, who for years worked with the Leprosy Mission, has written many beautiful meditations. In one he describes watching Canada geese in the water during a storm. Their environment had become hostile and difficult, but they didn’t fly into it or fight it, they faced into the wind and paddled quietly, just enough to keep their direction in the water. In Matthew 6:26, Jesus too thought we could learn from the birds, reminding us of God’s concern and that we can achieve little by worrying. “Consider the birds of the air, how they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them” he says. Perhaps in the midst of a storm we too can remember that all storms, however destructive, blow themselves out eventually.'


The Federation staff team are here to support and help you in whatever way you need to help you to 'paddle quietly keeping direction in the water.' I am hearing stories though social media about families getting stressed with the sheer amount of work and the high expectations. We trust you to do what is right for your children utilising the resources we are offering. Getting the balance right between academic progress and family sanity is our priority at this time!


Take good care. You know where we are.


Miss Brammah