Lockdown News St Cuthberts

The timing of the announcement yesterday was brutal and difficult to comprehend. We all have a heavy heart today. However, it shows that the spread of the new variant has come as a shock and decisive action was necessary in order to reduce the spread.

Schools have been ordered to close in order to do just that, reduce the spread. The fewer staff and children we have in school therefore, the lower the risk to individuals and the whole community. That is clear. Families will be concerned about engaging with remote learning again and will be concerned about the health and wellbeing of those closest to them. Indeed staff are feeling the same as they have children and families to care for too.

We all want to get back to normal. We all want all of the children in school everyday but the government have decided that now is not the time. If you can support your child at home with remote learning, please do so in order to reduce risk. I re-iterate, the fewer children in school, the safer it is. If one parent is a key worker and the other is at home, we would strongly advise that children learn from home unless there is no alternative to them being in school.

Key worker places

Please read the key worker list carefully. If a parent is a key worker and needs a place in school please e mail as soon as possible, by the end of today.


Proof of key worker status will be needed in order to access the place.

The arrangements for provision in school will be decided depending on the number of pupils.

Vulnerable children

Staff will be contacting children who come under the category of vulnerable today to establish learning needs.

Free School Meals

Vouchers will be provided to be redeemed at Dales Market Corner

Remote learning

Learning for all children will done remotely and your child’s classteacher will be in touch with you via class E mail with their plans for your child from Wednesday onwards. Class teachers will be checking with you the access your child has to a computer / tablet, whether you can print / need to pick up hard copies from school. Please be prepared to share this information with them. I have attached the remote learning policy for your reference.

St Cuthbert’s E mail contacts






We are here for you. Please get in touch if you need support with anything at all and we will find a way to help no matter how small, learning related or not. Our school communities are strong and supportive. Be thankful for what you have, look after yourself so that you are able to care for your children in the best way possible during these coming weeks.

With every good wish

Miss Brammah