PTA LogoThe Federation of Fountains Earth and St Cuthbert's Primary Schools are lucky enough to have two Parent Teachers Association (PTA) groups one for each school. These groups are called The Friends of St Cuthberts and the Friends of Lofthouse School. Both groups have been running for a number of years.
The Friends consist of a group of volunteer parents and teachers, organising a number of events throughout the school year. The Friends raise valuable funds, contributing to a range of educational equipment and school trips/activities. They also run a number of social events for parents and children.

Upcoming Events

  • TBC

Who are the Friends

St Cuthbert's

  • Chairperson: Emma Goodall
  • Vice Chair: Teresa Andres Rivero 
  • Treasurer - Meriel White
  • Secretary - Jackie Jones

Fountains Earth

  • Chairperson:  Fee Ewbank
  • Vice Chairpersons – Becky Lacey
  • Treasurer – Ruth Graham
  • Secretary – Rebecca Lacey


Volunteers Needed

All parents and teachers can get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available.

To volunteer please contact the St Cuthbert's friends @

and the Fountains Earth Friends @ the School Office on 01423 755289.

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