Fountains Earth Pupil Voice Committee

At the Federation of Fountains Earth and St Cuthberts there are a number of different committees. They are made up of children, staff and parents who help to organise events, activities and themed weeks for everyone to take part in.

Cycling Committee

Our first Pupil voice activity this year involved our cycling committee organising a Scoot, Skate and Cycle to school day in recognition of the UCI World Championships.

The children participated in a slalom race, a snail race and musical wheeled statues!

We learnt how to be safe and how to have fun.

Fairtrade Committee

Year 3 and 4 worked together as our Fairtrade committee to prepare and present a Fairtrade Harvest Breakfast for pupils and their parents. They presented an assembly about Fairtrade, helped to make the bread and jam which we shared and then took a key role in leading the event. What a team!


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