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Our federation’s Maths curriculum is ambitious - we strive to ensure that each child meets their full personal potential. As a federation, we have agreed the essential knowledge and skills that our pupils need to know by the end of each academic year. Maths is planned in a sequential way to build knowledge, concepts, procedures, skills, understanding, fluency and vocabulary from Early Years to Year Six. It is taught across the federation through deliberate practice in a supportive environment which enables children to improve their fluency. This leads to mastery and an alteration to long term memory.




During Reception year we make sure our children develop a strong knowledge of basic number and shape, space and measure. There are adult led sessions that are carefully supported by a range of practical play-based activities that embed their fluency in the use of number.




Our long-term plan for mathematics is adapted from the North Yorkshire Local Authority’s mixed age plans. We have based our curriculum on these because the sequencing of topics ensures that any pre-requisite knowledge needed for a unit can be taught in the preceding units. We believe this spiral format best meets the needs of our learners as it helps ensure long term memory retention of mathematical facts – mathematical knowledge becomes deeply embedded in pupils’ memories - and fluency of application.

The planning overview allows the teacher to see the content for each topic for the preceding and the following year group. This offers teachers better continuity and understanding of progression in the topic. Planning allows flexibility so that pupils’ needs can be best met, for example any misconceptions or identified gaps in knowledge can be addressed.

Lessons are planned to create fluency and deeper understanding rather than accelerate children to new learning content. Concrete, pictorial and abstract resources are used to support children’s learning, ensuring components are embedded. We build confidence, resilience and a passion for maths we show that everyone can enjoy, value and master.


Our implementation of Maths Passports is specifically designed to improve children’s rapid recall and long-term memory of key number facts. It begins with the very first steps in counting in the Early Years, moving all the way through to cube numbers and powers of 10 in Key Stage 2. This provides a federation approach to promoting and enhancing long term memory of key number facts.

We use pupils’ mathematical knowledge where appropriate across the curriculum, ensuring that pupils make useful connections between maths and real-life practical problems.


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