Growth Mindset

We continue to develop our work on Growth Mindset in our schools as we believe, and evidence of impact demonstrates, that developing growth mindsets improves outcomes for everyone. 

What is a Growth Mindset?

A Growth  Mindset is the belief that the brain is a muscle that can be trained, and ability comes from the effort put into learning.  Across the federation, our belief is that all children can succeed, and it is the process of learning, not just the product, that is praised. 

What is the impact of developing a Growth Mindset?

Developing a Growth Mindset helps children to:

  • Have a love of learning
  • Be motivated
  • Value effort and persist in the face of obstacles
  • Have aspirations for the future
  • Be more successful.

What does Growth Mindset mean to the children?

  •  Everyone can achieve
  • The brain is a muscle that we can train and ability is not fixed
  • Effort and determination are the biggest factors leading to success
  • Perseverance - trying different strategies
  • Resilience - celebrating mistakes as they help us learn
  • Independence
  • Working on open-ended tasks, such as finding all the ways to solve a problem in Maths
  • Trying new experiences beyond your immediate comfort zone, such as attending school sports events 
  • The power of YET! Our children say 'I can't do it YET' rather than 'I can't do it.'

How do we teach Growth Mindset in School?

Growth Mindset is integral to our schools' ethos and is a vital thread in all Values for Life which are shared in Collective Worship. 

As well as being interwoven into the vocabulary of every lesson, we use a highly respected scheme of work as a basis for discrete (stand alone) lessons on Growth Mindset. We have termly themes across every year group.

These are:

  • Autumn Term - New Skills and Reflecting; Growth Mindsets
  • Spring Term -  Mistakes; Successful Learners
  • Summer Term - Problem Solving and Memory; Reading Lessons

How can I help my child develop a Growth Mindset at home?

There is  a huge amount of  information available on line. Some suggestions include:


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